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Why Gani Adams Will Survive Myth On Kakanfo’s Death – Bishop Ladigbolu, Zaki

By Ajibola Abayomi,

November 15, 2018.

Iba Ganiyu Adams with his staff of office in the midst of people during one of the prepossessions towards his installation as Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland.

Prominent Yoruba leaders have dispelled the assumption in some quarters that holders of Aare Ona Kakanfo title in Yorubaland don’t live long or die tragically.

Speaking at separated interviews with TheLead Online, both the Zaki of Arigidi Akoko, Oba Yisa Olanipekun and an Anglican Bishop emeritus, Ayo Ladigbolu said such assumption negated the reality of life.

Meanwhile, Iba Adams during an exclusive chat with our reporter at his residence last month said having carried out sufficient consultations and spiritual research, he has committed his future into the hands of the almighty God.

“Nothing like early death. I am not too young to become Aare Ona Kakanfo. God owns my life. It is not the making of any man. Almighty determines longevity.

Speaking at his residence in Oyo town, the emeritus Bishop noted that some people have built several myths around the office of Aare Ona Kakanfo.

“Naturally, if someone is involved in the business of war mongering, such fellow is pruned to attack or accidental death.

“Kakanfo is the generalissimo of Yoruba warriors since the ancient days so people naturally expect such a person may die at anytime because of the nature of the challenge of the office but we have had Aare Ona Kakanfos that lived well above 80 and 100 years.

“People naturally assume that the Kakanfos will die tragically if they don’t die young as a result of their involvement in wars because they were the ones at the fore front.

“Among the modern day Kakanfos, Chief Samuel Ladoke Akintola was an old man of over 70 years who came out against an invading army who were out to capture his family.

“He was a gallant person who stood his grand and die for honour like any other Kakanfos. The Yoruba nation should be proud of him for not being a coward.

“In case of Chief MKO Abiola, despite that he contended with deceit, deception and was betrayed by those who were even considered to be his friends, he was courageous until he died in the hands of his abductors after winning an election that was adjudged as freest in history of Nigeria.

“All the Kakanfos have proven that they had the capacity to lead their people to the promised land. Abiola died for democracy to stay in Nigeria” Ladigbolu said.

On Iba Adams, he said while those opposed to his selection described him as “a street fighter, thug among other derogatory languages, on the contrary, Aare Adams remains a fighter of a just cause. We have asked, has he ever killed anyone or indicted for any criminal act? The answer was no.

“He epitomizes gallantry and courage. He is a leader created by God to liberate his people. Despite all that he faced in the hands of both the military and civilian governments, he was prepared to die for the comfort of the Yorubas.

“He was ready to face the oppressors despite the size of the army. He ensured that all the Yoruba nations sleep with their eyes closed.

“So if God used the instrumentality of the most respected monarch to fulfill his purpose by installing Iba Ganiyu Adams as the 15th Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, who is that person quarreling with that?

The Bishop said still Yoruba nation has many wars to contend with.

“It is clear that we are not fighting convention war but the instruments of war these days are scientific and physiological. What is raining now as potent tools of war are aristocracies of connection and knowledge.

“While the old Kakanfos were commanding few thousands of troupes, the population of the Yoruba nation now is in millions these days.

“To effectively prosecute war in the modern days, one needs native intelligence, organistaion ability and human resources that will lead to restructuring of Nigeria. Such will ensure that the Yorubas are able to express themselves and free from marginalisation.

“The present Aare Ona Kakanfo posses such qualities to lead the Yoruba nation to the Promisedland, all he needs is to affirm his belief in almighty God and he will live to the fullest of his days” the emeritus Bishop advised.

At his palace in Arigidi Akoko, Oba Olanipekun was full of praise for the generalissimo of Yoruba who hails from the town saying “even if it was jinx that the Kakanfos don’t live long, Iba Gani Adams will break it.

“People have said a lot of things about the office of Aare Ona Kakanfo, I can confidently tell you that Iba Adams will live to the fullest of his days.

“His selection was divine. He believes in Yoruba culture and has been doing everything within his powers to promote it without prompting. Whoever wishes him dead will face the wrath of the gods instantly.

“Here is a young man who single handily built and furnished a palace for me and had sponsored me to over 39 countries under the aegis of his Oodua Progressive Union (OPU) to promote Yoruba culture.

“At Arigidi, he is the chief promoter of Okota festival and several others traditional festivals across the Yoruba nation. Long life is his portion and so shall it be” Oba Olanipekun prayed.


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