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SA: Africa Unity On Trial, JIFORM Tells AU

By Olaekan Olagunju


The Journalists International Forum for Migration, JIFORM has called on Africa Union (AU) leaders and the Nigerian Government to take a decisive step in ending recurring xenophobic attacks on Africans  especially Nigerians in South Africa.

The body warned that if the current waive of violence against Africans is not checked  it may led to impulsion on the continent.

JIFORM stated in a statement in Lagos on Tuesday that the prestige of the AU and its leaders were at stake and therefore called for immediate intervention.

The body also demanded sanctions against perpetrators of the attack and full compensation for the victims.

President of JIFORM, Ajibola Abayomi described the xenophobic attacks as one too many adding it negated the fundamental rights of people to movement.

“Migration is not a crime. It is as old as man. The level of hatred being harboured against fellow Africans in South Africa is strange. This is not who we are on the continent as a people” the President lamented.

He however cautioned against reprisal attacks believing that the matter could be resolved between both countries.

“Nigeria and South Africa must as a matter of urgent importance go beyond summoning emergency talks and meetings, to quickly implement immediate and permanent solution to the crisis” he added.

The President of JIFORM also wants the Nigerian government to look inward and improve on basic amenities that would ultimately improves the living conditions of its people and limit the urge to migrate to another country.

“The ugly development in South Africa leading to open massacre of Nigerian Youths and other nationals is very barbaric. What a wicked act. The South Africans had forgotten so soon the front line roles and sacrifices Nigeria as giant of Africa made to free their country from apartheid.

“Watching the mindless South Africans attacks on fellow African brothers is heart hearken. Man to man so unjust. All the concerned apparatus of Nigerian and South African governments must ensure that this shameful and bloodletting is put at bay.”

The JIFORM President called on the AU to rise to the present situation by reminding authorities in South Africa to resurrect the true story on how Nigerians and other African nations played unique roles during the emancipation of the country and during the dark era of apartheid.

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