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The Migrant Releases Migration Data Urges Human Perspective

Ajibola Abayomi,

As the world celebrate 2019, migrant day, The Migrant Project in Nigeria has released date on migrant activities and called for human perspective to change the narrative.

A statement issued by the social enterprise and non-governmental organization in Lagos to identify with the world migrant day attested to  “share of migration realities. From Africa to Europe, Asia to the Americas, virtually every continent of the world experienced the global wave of disruption in human movements which resulted in several cases of irregular migration.

“The quest for many Africans to reach Europe through the Mediterranean sea has led to the death of over 1,200 lives in 2019. Unfortunately, more persons have died on land than on the Mediterranean sea. A lot more are either in detention in different countries or repatriated to their countries of origin.

“These migration stories are often told from the standpoint of economic and political struggles laced with biases, gross negativity, ideological supremacy, sensationalism and mere statistics without recourse to the humanity of those at the heart of the narratives – the migrants.

“To this end, the 2019 International Migrants Day – 18 December – seeks to change the narrative on migration under the theme “Humanising Migration Stories”.

The study by The Migrant reveal the number of world migrant  is put at 272 million as at 2019 representing 3.5% of the world’s population.

Out of which 52 per cent were male; 48 per cent were female.  3. 74 per cent of all international migrants were of working age (20–64 years).  The top three origins of international migrants are India (17.5 million), Mexico and China (11.8 million and 10.7 million respectively).

More than half of all international migrants (141 million) lived in Europe and Northern America. The United States of America is the top destination country with 51 million international migrants which is 19 per cent of the global migration rate.  Germany and Saudi Arabia hosted the second and third highest number of migrants worldwide (around 13 million each).

“International remittances increased to USD 689 billion in 2018 The top 3 remittance recipients were India (USD 78.6 billion), China (USD 67.4 billion) and Mexico (USD 35.7 billion).  There are over 20.4 million refugees around the world. 52 per cent of the global refugee population is under 18 years of age.

“The number of internally displaced persons due to violence and conflict reached 41.3 million in 2019  More than 1,200 deaths on the Mediterranean sea have been recorded in 2019. Almost 120,000 migrants arrived in Europe through irregular migration in 2019.”



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