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Lumumba Demands Trade, Labour Reordering To Halt African Irregular Migration


Ade John

African leaders have been challenged to reorder the trade and labour policies to save citizens of the continents from slavery occasioned by irregular migration.


Professor Patrick Lumumba, a professor of law from Kenya made the call at the second edition of the Journalists International Forum For Migration (JIFORM) on Thursday.


At the occasion President JIFORM called for adjustment of visa regime in the developed nations to allow irregular migrant regularized their status.


He said migrants were economic developers that given their valuable contributions to essential services in Europe and America particularly during the pandemic, they deserved to  be allowed be reintegrated into the system.


The programme beamed live from the Pensioners FM, Onireke, Ibadan attracted participation of ministers, ambassadors and other dignitaries across the globe.


Lumumba, the chairman of the summit theme: Migration Governance and Media Strategy For Development At Pandemics through virtual connectivity posited that Africans had no business with poverty if the leaders were ready to do the needful for the people.


He said the trade and labour policies in most several African countries were not favourable to the masses as there was largely responsible for the desperation of especially among the youths to take to irregular migration at all cost to make a living.


He urged Nigeria to show leadership on the continent with her population and resources as an evidence based nation with successes and meaningful impacts on the lives of her citizens to encourage other countries to follow suit.


“Nigeria with a population of over 300 million is a leader that should see herself as such with abundance resources to lead Africa. The nation should recognize that and other will follow”.


Lumumba lamented that African nations were doing enough to reduce poverty and frown at xenophobic attack in South Africa against other African nations saying that the nation was rescued from slavery through commitment from Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique and others.

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