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Buhari’s Second Term, Invitation To War- CD

By Ajibola Abayomi,

January 24, 2018.


The Campaign for Democracy CD has called on the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) to sacrifice his second term ambition in the interest of peace and harmony.

According to CD in statement signed by its National President, Comrade Abdul Baku Usman and Secretary General, Reverend   Ifeanyi Odili

Secretary General, the group noted that: for the reason that it has become very obvious that he is coasting Nigeria towards another civil war.”

“It is unfortunate that a President that enjoyed overwhelming Nigerians, turned Nigerians to chickens, he places animals far above man (Nigerians). It is unheard of anywhere in the world history.

“PMB has demonstrated to Nigerians his readiness and determination to destabilize Nigeria by his attitude to the nation. There is no gain saying that Nigeria is at war because its citizens are being killed with sophisticated military weapons. Nigerians are living like sub human beings, fears and tensions have overwhelmed them, they have been relegated, intimidated and reduced to animal’s status.

“A situation where animals are placed above Nigerians, cows and bulls are given utmost attention and priority at the  peril of Nigerian citizens  by the presidency is unacceptable.

“PMB, prior to his election, promised Nigerians all goodies of life but today, they are being massacred and buried in their hundreds, while Nigerian leaders fold their hands watching with uninterestingly.

“Even the National Assembly has not made a single tough statement to douse the tension in Nigeria, rather, some of them have been brutally displaying their ill-gotten wealth before the highly provoked and poverty ridden Nigerian mass.”

It will be a disservice on our part if we fail to caution the Federal government against its antics to increase pump price. We make bold to say that if it goes ahead to implement it, we shall resist it with everything within our powers.

“We are using this medium to prepare Nigerians for a round table talk scheduled for the second quarter of this year whereby Nigerians would go back to the drawing board to discuss the type of government that fits this part of the world as we have been failed by the present democratic principles. Good governance is not peculiar to or exclusive of democracy, there are other forms of governments  that are not as costly and controversial like democracy we practice in Nigeria.“



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