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UNIDO: Quality Infrastructure Will Put Nigeria On Global Scale

  • By Ajibola Abayomi,

March 5, 2018.

Sustained national quality Infrastructure according to the United Nations Industrial Development Organizations (UNIDO) will make Nigeria equals the international best practices in trade procedures and other engagements relating to goods and services.

There are the submissions of the UNIDO facilitators at the opening ceremony of a 3-day capacity building for sustainability of the national quality infrastructure projected in Lagos on Monday for media practitioners.

Currently Nigeria records 6.5% compliance on countries global certification index conducted by the United Nations in 2014.

Already, UNIDO had put a policy and institutional frame works currently being implemented to ensure that Nigeria meets up with other rated countries that had scaled the business and economic hurdles at the international scene.

Top media personalities at the event included, Dr Qasim Akinreti, the Chairman of Lagos State Council of Nigeria Union of Journalists and President of the Nigeria Guild of Editors, Mrs Funke Egbemode.

The programme was facilitated by the Federal Government, European Union and UNIDO.

UNIDO resource persons: Dr Shaukat Malik, Stephen Cross and Mrs Moji Makanjuola all posited that time was ripe for the Federal Government to pursue and sustained national policy to back the accreditation process at enlisting Nigeria as one of the countries implementing best international practices to access globally acceptable trade facilitation.

Speaking on the need for the media to join the campaign to broaden the horizon of the policy, Mrs Makanjuola, who is the Technical Advisor to UNIDO, averred that: “The might of the pen is not in doubt when the conscience of a people is called upon.  It can wield equivocally, unequivocally, bluntly, subtly, overtly, covertly, implied, leave even the unsaid to mean more in silence. The traditional tool of trade of the media is acquiring more forms and platforms in these times so there are varieties of platform to qualitatively ply our trade.

“Mediocrity was becoming an accepted norm in the face of dire economic circumstances, diminishing share of resources and ever increasing family needs and exigencies – the phrase, ‘let’s manage it like that’ is an acceptance of mediocrity. This, unfortunately should not be if Quality is available and you can obtain it as your right – which it is, because everybody deserves the best.

“In the face of dwindling buying power in a recessive mono product economy, it is easy to go with the flow and focus on the available – the only resource for earnings – OIL.  However, there is a life beyond mono economy – beyond OIL” she said.

Not only that she also noted that:“The potential for trade in other commodities has always been huge for Nigeria where everything else is raw material.  Where they are processed they are not easily traded in the local, regional or international markets. Nigeria unfortunately has the dubious honour of having the highest rate of rejects in exports (confirms the FMITI) to foreign markets.

“Agreements of the World Trade Organization and other international agencies have effected remarkable increase in intercontinental trade out of which Nigeria is losing out.

“The big question is why is it so? Another question that follows is should it be so?  Can the status quo change? Can Nigeria hitch its trade wagon to the rising star of international trade to diversify its sources of forex?  A number of us media practitioners have followed the National Quality Infrastructure Project (NQIP) – a home based solution to many of our economic woes.

“The EU is funding the project, UNIDO is implementing.  Implementation of the project has a cycle. After the cycle do we as Nigerians deserve Quality continuously? Or do we just jettison quality to revert to mediocrity?

“We are here today, ladies and gentlemen of the press to own quality. To disseminate quality, to preserve quality culture, to be vanguards of quality in the conscience of a nation striving for quality – translating to better life for us all – permit me the much clichéd phrase. To preserve and enhance Nigeria’s participation in intercontinental and intra regional trade and her market share.

“India wants to trade over $100 million worth of beans – of course it must be quality.  Europe wants Nigerian beans, melon, yams etc. the world want Nigeria’s produce – They must be quality, Nigeria’s Soya represent some of the best grade in the world –  but must go out as quality. Virtually everything grows here but must be traded in quality mode” she said.


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