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Atiku’s Dream And Long Walk To Presidency

By Queen Nwabueze.

June 19, 2018.


Quoting a veteran journalist, Ray Ekpu in his Tuesday June 28, 2016 column at the back page of The Guardian: “In Nigeria, the only thing we plan for is election. When we win it, we then plan for the next one. We never think of what to do with the trophy we have won. We only think of how to capture the next trophy.

And that is because the manifestoes of our parties contain next to nothing tangible. That is why you cannot distinguish one party from the other except their names and their symbols…What did you get as the distinguishing feature of PDP during the last campaign? Continuity.And from the APC? Change. But what are those? Just labels.”

Prior to and during the 2015 presidential elections, the catchphrase, CHANGE, was a tune many Nigerians danced to. They believed it was the good thing that came out of Nazareth Nigeria.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) anchored this, relentlessly castigating the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan and the urgent need for the tantalizing offer of positive change if the party was voted into power especially at the federal level.

Three years down the line, as if brought back to life from a year-long coma, the same Nigerians seem to come to terms with the painful reality that they might have been deceived by fantastic yet highfaluting and unrealistic promises of the ruling APC. Nigerians now sing in discordant tunes.

As a matter of fact, people now run for cover at the mention of ‘Change.’ They swear fire and brimstone in denial when reminded the government came to be by their own making. They look at the government and all they see is broken promises.

Apparently, the living condition of the most vulnerable Nigerians did not improve as promised rather the economic standing is one of turmoil both for the very poor, middle class and the rich. These days, you ask someone for a little assistance and he retorts, “Ehhh, for thisBuhari Change?”

“What has happened to APC is that their ‘Change’ has become synonymous with failed promises and hardship,” affirmed Chido Nwakanma, a Public Relations veteran and President, International Association of Business Communicators Nigeria (IABC).

Someone who just dropped from high heavens may ruminate: “This must be why even patrons like Atiku are leaving the APC.” No.  The grand patrons are defecting to their ‘root,’ the Peoples Democratic Party because it is in their nature to do so.

In fact, Nigerians have lost count particularly in the case offormer Vice President, Atiku Abubakar. Atiku’s reputation to leave parties and come back is worth its weight in gold.

He has made his mark as the father of defections in Nigeria. We would not bug our heads with chronicling the timeline of his movements. But it will be the third time that Mr. Abubakar will be returning to the party he was a founding member of in 1998.

When in September 2014, he declared: “As for me, as far as I am concerned, APC is my last bus stop.” Everyone thought he was serious until November 2017 when he continued to play the J.P. Clark’s Abiku: “Coming and going these several seasons.”

Mr. former VP, everyone now pleads with you to please “do stay out on the baobab tree. Follow where you please your kindred spirits, if indoors is not enough for you.

”Why not bow out of partisan politics like your mates have done. This is because it is “True, it (the PDP) still leaks through the thatch when floods brim the banks and the bats and the owls often tear in at night through the eaves. And at harmattan, the bamboo walls are ready tinder for the fire that dries the fresh fish up on the rack…”

So? The PDP house is still largely and technically inhabitable. Or better still, “no longer then bestride the threshold. But step in and stay for good” as a friend should be indeed and not in need. Help put your own house in order.

Since it was your first bus stop, make it your last bus stop for “we (Nigerians) know the knife scars seriating down your back and front like beak of the sword-fish. And both your ears, notched. As a bondsman to this house, are all relics of your first comings. Then step in, step in and stay for her body is tired, tired, her milk going sour.”

Or would you rather corroborate the prediction of Nigerians, particularly a commenter simply identified as Leke in an online news site when he said: “APC is NOT Atiku’s ‘last bus stop’. I predict he will join PDP, lose their presidential ticket, get frustrated, form his own party, attempt the Presidency under his own party again, fail, and finally bow out of politics. Nigerians will now refer to him as ‘the president Nigeria never had.’”


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