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Jonathan Lost 2015 Election Because He Knelt Before Pastor But In 2019 No Alternative To Buhari- Guru Maharaj Ji

By Ajibola Abayomi,

July 1, 2018.

Guru Maharaj Ji

Sat Guru Maharaj Ji was a strong advocate and supporter of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan.

He gave assurances that he would win the 2015 poll stating that nothing would change it, at a point he declared that the ex-President was the choice of divinity.

But at the poll, Jonathan was trounced by President Muhammadu Buhari.

So, when he was confronted with question on his affirmation that President Buhari who was never the choice of divinity yet defeated Jonathan, and that the President  would win the 2019 poll, Sat Guru Maharaj Ji, the Spiritual Leader of One Love Family opened the can of wound.

Hear him: “Jonathan lost 2016 election because he went to kneel before a pastor who placed hand on his head and told him he was going to win the election.

“That was why I withdrew my support for him and I went to Lagos Television on the eve of the election to state that Nigerians should vote according to their conscience.

“Jonathan committed an abomination. He was the leader and the power was already on him no need to pay homage to any pastor in the name of religion. That was why I withdrew my support even though I had declared him as choice of divinity.”

Concerning the 2019 poll, the Spiritual Leader of One Love Family, said Buhari   and his ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) were the ones to beat during the 2019 poll.

Guru made the declaring at his Iju Ashram on Saturday while fielding questions from TheLead Online.

He said President Buhari’s performance particularly his anti-corruption drive has put the Nation on the sound footing.

“The President listened to me when I called for whistle blower to be given 1% of the looted and he gave 5% instead. What is happening at the is that corruption ia fighting back.

“I am saying for now there is no alternative to Buhari and the APC in Nigeria. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ruined and stole the Nation’s wealth.

“The party operated stolen-crazy government. I am warning all the doubting Thomases now that it would be a sin against the creator to vote against Buhari.

“However, the President he is listening to yearnings of Nigerians as regards the ongoing barbaric killings of the innocent souls. He should put a stop to that or else I will withdraw my support for him.

“We want continuity and the only way to that is Buhari. He won’t be there forever and whatever he does in office, he will be answerable to the creator.

“No one should be deceived by the PDP antics. The party can only worsen the country if its have another chance” said Guru.

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