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How Come Fashola Could Restrict Tankers Movement And Ambode Can’t?

By Adeoba Michaels


I have been seriously traumatized since Thursday evening when the unfortunate perhaps avoidable petrol tanker explosion claimed lives and about 54 vehicles.

I commiserate with the families of the departed souls and prayed that God should give them the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.
However, I am of a strong opinion that governor Mr Akinwunmi Ambode should be more proactive and build on the gains of his predecessors rather than reinventing the wheel and resorting to knee-jack, fire brigade actions when things spiral out of control.
I can’t just understand why Governor Ambode could not continue the enforcement of restrictions of movement of trailers and tankers during the day which his predecessor, Babatunde Fashola put in place.
Even if the governor does not like his predecessor’s face, he should not throw out worthy gains of that administration in the interest of the public.
Perhaps, if the restriction order was still in place, may be the casualties would have been minimal.
Just about two weeks ago, a similar accident occurred on Ojuelegba bridge which claimed lives.
Tankers and trailers that were banished from the  Lagos highways until they have business at Apapa Ports during the Fashola era are back on the roads and bridges with unrestrained impunity.
Yet, no serious attempts to checkmate them by Governor Ambode despite the looming dangers.
The risks are just too high for a government to be complacent on a matter such as this..
Massive fire incident is possible. Inferno in the densely populated Ijora area will be grievous.
Also the bridges may collapse because bridges are not designed to perpetually carry stationed loads especially heavy duty and articulated vehicles like trailers and tankers.
If any of these bridges, Eko bridge, Ijora, Apapa, Stadium, Ojuelegba bridges collapses, the calamity will be catastrophic.
We should not leave to providence what we have capacity to contain as humans.
Fashola once contained the excesses of the tanker drivers because he was a firm and decisive leader.
The policy reversal of the Akinwunmi Ambode administration in Lagos is making things worse rather than improving the lives of Lagosians.
This reminiscent the sacking of the local waste managers popularly called PSPs and brought in an incompetent Visionscape whose vision escaped in the face of daunting mega waste of Lagos.
Ambode put the millions of Lagosians at the risk of epidemic outbreak before the disbanded PSPs were recalled to rescue the disillusioned Visionscape.
Governor Ambode should at least get serious for once and realise that governance is not fashion parade. It is for cerebral and visionary leaders.
He should seek help from those who can help if he is in a dilemma over managing Lagos.
*Adeoba Michaels, is a public affairs analyst writes from Lagos*

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