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PDP Coalition Labeled Fraud By Accord Party, 20 Others Quit

Supporters of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in action

The coalition between the PDP and over 30 political organisations have hit the rocks.

The chairman of Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM), Alhaji Bashir Yusuf Ibrahim berated the PDP coalition saying the parties that joined the coalition were driven by selfishness and hunger to capture power.

According to him, most of the parties in the PDP list were fraudulently included to sign the MoU to deceive Nigerians.

He revealed that he, the Accord Party (AP) chairman and others abstained from the PDP meeting, but that their party names were found on the list without their consent.

“We woke to a new development where PDP outside power has now managed to create another coalition. As facts continue to emerge, they listed 36 political parties.

“Our analysis of that coalition reveals that a number of political parties were included in that coalition fraudulently.

“Part of the 42 political parties they listed is Accord Party and the chairman of the party is here with us. If you are creating a coalition, you need to be honest about it as to who and who are members of the coalition.

“As of today, the membership of that coalition is in doubt. Two members also listed at that coalition are here. We are not part of that coalition because we represent a type of politics, which is in total contradiction of what they are doing.

“We do not believe that our country should be governed by people whose only objective is to capture power. Of what purpose is that coalition built? Is it for the purpose of taking Nigeria back to 1999 and 2015 or is it for the purpose of building a new Nigeria?

“That purpose has not been stated, even in their memorandum. The only thing in their MoU is to agree to capture power in 2019. Their programme has not been made known to the Nigerian public. We will not be part of a coalition that does not have a programme for Nigeria,” he said.

The report listed the political parties that have abstained from the PDP coalition to include Accord Party, Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM), United Progressive Party (UPP), Advanced People’s Democratic Alliance (APDA), Hope Democratic Party (HDP), Democratic Peoples Party (DPP) and Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN).

Freedom Justice Party (FJP), Fresh Party, (FP) New Nigeria’s Peoples Party (NNPP), Nigeria’s Peoples Congress (NPC), Nigeria Peoples Movement (NPM), Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN), National Action Congress (NAC), and NDLP.

Festus Keyamo, the spokesperson of the Buhari campaign organisation, said the over 30 political groups which signed a pact with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have ended up losing their rights and identities. Keyamo described the coalition as pure deceit and laughable desperation.

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