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Buhari Has Failed Nigeria Neither Can Atiku Rescue Us-Onovo



Martins Onovo was former presidential candidate of National Conscience Party (NCP), in this interview with Nguma Isaac he x-rays the nation’s political scene.

Between President Muhammadu Buhari and Atiku Abubarka, whom do you think Nigerians should follow?

 Nigeria has seventy three (73) presidential candidates for the 2019 elections.  Alhaji Atiku Abubaka OF Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), is a former State Governor and a former Vice President of Nigeria. So, he is a very well established politician. He is also a billionaire businessman and has been endorsed by Afenifere, the largest socio-cultural organization in the Southwest. President Muhammadu Buhari of All Progressive Congress (APC) is a former military dictator and currently the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. Both also are candidates of relatively old and large parties that hold major political offices in our corrupt country. Their two parties also abuse state institutions and use slush funds for their campaigns. Consequently, it is natural that based on their political profiles, particular platforms and the national resources available to their political parties, they can attract more attention especially since almost all the other candidates are very weak and are running on weak platforms.

How will you appraise the anti corrupt crusade under Buhari?

This regime led by Buhari is deliberately promoting corruption but it deceitfully claims that is fighting corruption. This claim is to deceive the simple-minded. All objective national and international assessments confirm that corruption is worse in Nigeria today. The regime promotes corruption in many ways through abuse of powers by the false accusations and persecution of political opponents under the guise of fighting corruption. According to Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI), Corruption in Nigeria is getting worse.

But  President has promised free poll, can’t we rely that?

Actions speak louder than words. The actions of the ruling cabal reveal their deep desperation to rig the elections. These actions include. The unconstitutional appointment of relatives and persons from Buhari’s religion and region into key positions to control Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) contrary to previous practice. INEC’s unwillingness to disqualify Buhari for his lack of a WAEC certificate which is the minimum educational qualification required by the Constitution is also a concern Our country has been ruined by this ruling cabal. Public morality has been corrupted with the promotion of deceit and false propaganda by the presidency. Injustice and lawlessness have been encouraged by the violation of rights and disobedience of court orders. National unity has been undermined by the divisive disposition and sectional policies of this regime. Insecurity is at the highest level ever, with Nigeria as one of the most terrorized countries in the world. Remember how we lost over a hundred soldiers in a Boko Haram attack recently in Borno State.


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