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How I Became Messiah – Sat Guru


They call him God and he says, he is the body of the Supreme God on earth, yet he is not a religious man but preaches love to mankind and embraces all faiths. The man that lives in a place called HEAVEN ON EARTH AND HIGHEST SPIRITUAL VILLAGE IN THE UNIVERSE was engaged by TheLead Magazine. Royal blood run in his veins, Dan Akanji Mohammed Ajirobatan Ibrahim, is an Ibadan prince, although he was born in Ghana. His popular name Sat Guru Maharaj Ji, meaning the revealer of light became a household when he returned to Nigeria in 1980 as the Living Perfect Master after acquiring the divine knowledge in England. The former staff of the Nigerian Railway Corporation in this interview with The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of TheLead Publications, Ajibola Abayomi, answers questions about the divinity he proclaims as blackman in this encounter at his base in Ibadan.

Sat Guru, you are in Nigeria as Living Perfect Master, and the economy is not working, what is wrong?

So many sins have been committed. Majority of Nigerians don’t know the true name of God as contained in the Sanskrit, the first language spoken by man. The Bible confirmed that a messiah would come after Christ. I am around now and many are still doubting me as the Christ and the messiah of this era.

Where is the confirmation that you are the messiah? Christ said the Holy Spirit would come after him, where did get your own version?

My predecessor, Prem Pal Singh Rawat at the University of Penslovenia in 1975 in America, had predicted my coming since 1976 and on July 17, 1980, I arrived in Nigeria to proclaim the name of God as Maharaj Ji after receiving divine knowledge in Britain. The Bible is full of old stories. If you like call God zillion times nothing will happen. I am the God man on earth. There have been so many fake Gurus around but I am the only original God-man that can guarantee safety on land, water and sea. None of my devotees has died through any road accident, plane crash or on water. Religious people must open their eyes to know that religion has failed the nation. The moment you see God then you can be productive. That is why I am here.

See God? Where and how?

(Cuts in…) The mistake that people make is that instead of coming to the divine home they kept going elsewhere. The solution is for people to use Maharaj Ji’s name at their homes and in their offices and everything will be alright. Galatians chapter six verse 7, says you cannot mock God. Maharaj Ji is what the people need. People have been using the wrong God to administer their lives. They should now use Maharaj Ji and it shall be well. God is inside you not in heaven. There is a light on every human skull once I reveal the light therein, you will experience God through me.

You are not a Christian, why are you preaching from the scripture?

I requested for a copy of the bible and I studied it so that no one would use it to deceive my devotees. Whenever the master comes, he enlightens the world. Jesus began his ministry at the age of 30 and died at 33. I began mine at the age 33. As a black man I am not different from Christ and other masters. Unlike Abram and Jesus, I am their father because I can curtail any evil act anywhere.

Maharaj Ji as the name of God is very strange, how come?

The God-man is walking on the planet. Bible even confirmed that men are gods by saying for yea are gods. Civilization started from Africa. In the Sanskrit, Maharaj Ji was derived from Mu ara ji as the name of God before the whites changed it in the 17th century.  I am the Sat Guru, the revealer of light of Guru Maharaj Ji. I have not said people should not practice what they believed but why worry when the real father is here. Maharaj Ji is in the body of Sat Guru. My job is to make man be like God.  I am the body of God walking on the planet. I pity those that are saying Guru Maharaj Ji sucks blood. Here am that I cannot even hunt a fly. The message of Maharaj Ji is love but others are talking about religion. My mission is love not religion at all because religion has failed Nigeria as a nation.

Of what use is the Maharaj Ji divine knowledge you always talked about, what difference will that make in one’s life?

Man is composed of body, soul and mind. There is need for man to connect with God through divine knowledge. Anywhere you are you can call Maharaj Ji and I will answer you. Then when you receive the divine knowledge, you will be different because even the bible says my people die because of lack of knowledge. There is a light at the fore head of every man once I reveal it to you, no religious leader would be able to deceive you anymore. You will be a master to you self.

You are 70, whom do you think is good enough to succeed you when the time comes, any plan for succession at all?

It can even be your son. Love is what is keeping me alive nothing else. It has been predicted that at the end of the century that God would take the body of man. Now I am here I have brought the light for people to come and identify themselves with their origin. I will live for over 200, 300 and even 600. Living long is what nature provides if you don’t go against the rule of the creature.

But how come you as the God-man was once accused of murder and charged to the court?

I am a master, the giver of life and the only one who can take the body of goat, sheep, snake and all forms of creature. I cannot destroy life. I had been persecuted several times and nothing was found incriminating against me. There was a time some people came here and said my village had been sold to a Chinese company and gave ultimatum that I should quit. Then I went to the court during  the era of Ike Nwosu as military governor, in Oyo State. While the case was in court, the governor gave me two weeks to get out of the village. The case of murder was brought to the court and they could not proof the allegation. I was discharged and acquitted because the autopsy report on the corpse proved to the contrary of their claims.

Tell us the best way to solve Nigeria’s problem?

The present government is fighting corruption and taking the bull by the horn. It has declared June 12 as public holiday. Let President Muhammadu Buhari pays Chief Moshood Abiola Kasimawo (MKO) Abiola family all the entitlements of former President to his family. The National Assembly should work with the president ditto for the other arms of government and the media too.



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