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Migration: Air Quality Amidst Containment Of Covid 19

By Sunday James,

This topic may sound abstract, but it is not rather it is a product of thinking outside the box. Everyone talks about washing of hands, keeping social distancing, using face mask, hand sanitizers, among others, but I have not heard of what can we do to have good air quality.

This came up as my focus for achieving reduction in the spread of Covid-19. The whole world is lock down while some stay home, others are on the roads, the few on the road, what quality of air do they inhale on the road, at work or where ever they go to?

Government of nations will do better ensuring drastic disinfection of environment on a planned basis rather than once as obtain in a ceremony like disinfection exercise. It is not to be a one-off, but regular hygiene and sanitation procedure that helps in reducing the spread by creating a well ventilated, disease free, fresh and healthy atmosphere that eliminates disease spreading.

Air quality is vital at this moment especially for many clustered accommodations, with high rising buildings, sky-scrappers that reduces free quality air circulation. Citizens have to develop a way of planting green plants that respirate the environment for recycling of air.

Also, rural communities that are less vulnerable to the spread of diseases due to free air waves and circulation, urban locations due to building structures, clustering, overcrowding and mass movement of people at a time.

Meeting at spots to take commuters, train or aircraft with social distancing such will reduce but what is the air quality, government should encourage good ventilation in mobility, around buildings, within, and encouragement of tree planting in communities and green plants around homes for healthy environments?

Person to person spacing known as social distancing will be better enhanced with generating fresh air quality and encourage ventilated environments either for those isolated, quarantined and those assumed to be healthy with no symptom as an advocate for air quality as precursor for good health, reducing spread of diseases, and increasing quality healthy living for all.


Sunday James is a Deputy Comptroller of Nigeria Immigration Service and the National Public Relations Officers of the agency.


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