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Guru Maharaj Ji Lampoons Bishop Oyedepo, Wants Him Arrested Over Covid-19

By Ajibola Abayomi,

Guru Maharaj Ji

The founder and the Spiritual Leader of One Love Family, Sat Guru Maharaj Ji has hit hard at Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel for allegedly declaring death on those against the re-opening of the Church during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Guru in a statement made available to TheLead Online accussed the popular bishop of playing God and called for his immidiate arrest.
His words: “One of the smartest proprietors of Zionist Indoctrination Business Centres in Nigeria, David Oyedepo, was recently reported in the social media to have proclaimed death sentence on both the government and people of Nigeria.
“Oyedepo’s grouse, we learnt, arose from the lockdown ordered by the Federal Government as one of the counter measures to contain the spread of COVID-19” he said.
It would be recalled that COVID-19 took the world community by storm and governments across the globe went to the drawing board to work out possible ways and means of bringing the situation under control.
Hence, the Federal Government of Nigeria introduced the mandatory lockdown as one of the initial measures to contain the pandemic.
Guru argued that the government’s decision, no doubt, was in line with its obligatory duty to protect Nigerians.
“How then can David Oyedepo read sinister meaning and take exception to government’s action that was taken in the general interest of Nigerians, irrespective of tribe or religious persuasion, to swear for all of us? Is he God, by the way?
“The fact is well-known that David Oyedepo, as a parasite to the Nigerian economy rose to limelight on the sweat of Nigerians to the point of becoming one of the richest past-story-tellers (pastors) in the world; through the pursuit of his Zionist agenda of enslaving Blacks who are under arrest in his Spiritually Displaced Peoples Camp.
“Is he the one that should wish us dead again? Besides swearing on Nigerians, it was equally reported that Oyedepo brazenly flouted both the Federal and State Governments’ lockdown order and went ahead to conduct church services, which gave rise to Ogun State Police Command warning him to beware and show respect to constituted authorities of the land.
“Due to insatiable lust for primitive wealth acquisition, Oyedepo got carried away and forgot the scriptural injunctions: Give unto “Caesar, what belongs to Caesar” as well as “give honor to whom honor is due” Rom 13:5-7 and Mark 12:17.”
Guru said the Bishop needed to be told that he was not above the law of the land.
“In the light of the above, Nucleus Ancestors have given David Oyedepo fourteen days to retract his dead wish against Nigerians and tender an unreserved apology to Nigerians or risk the wrath of the Ancestors and the seven elements in Creation.
“Also, Oyedepo should be arraigned before a court of competent jurisdiction and tried for gross insubordination to constituted authority, because no sane government, anywhere in the world can stomach Oyedepo’s gross act of irresponsibility. In America, China, Europe he can’t try what he did and get away with it.
“Those who attended Oyedepo church service within the lockdown period and those they had contact with should be identified and strictly monitored over a period of time, and if possible quarantined, because he has proven to all and sundry that he is an enemy of the Black man.
A disappointed Guru pointed out that what Nigerians expected from the pastor was to use “his self-acclaimed power of healing and anointing to give us the solution to COVID-19 and not swear for us.
“This is the hour for Oyedepo who, some time ago flew his wife in his private jet, to one of the best hospitals in USA for medi-care for nearly a year, because Holy Ghost fire disappointed him, to show love and get involved in providing substantial palliatives measures to enable the government reduce the hardship of his flock.
“We are informed that Oyedepo’s universities are one of the most expensive in the country, making it unaffordable for children of vulnerable members of his church to attend.
“This is also time to bring down the school fees so that all the children of members of his congregation, irrespective of their financial status can attend and enjoy the fruit of the labor of their parents/guardians.
“He should therefore, come for My Divine Knowledge, which reconnects him with the Divine Light of the Creator inside him”, Guru said.


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